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First post

Posted by Julieanne Thomas on


Firstly, this is my first ever blog...well it's actually my first online store too! So this is all new for me.

I would like to take this opportunity firstly to thank you all for taking the time to read my blog. I'm not really too sure what to put in my blog, but I guess i'll start with how I came  to set up my own online store.

For many years I've bought clothing, accessories, house decor, gifts and well just about anything I could buy I would look online and generally purchase them online. I guess I liked the convenience of being able to shop when it suited me. I liked being able to take my time when making a purchase, look at a number of options and from different stores.

So getting to the beginning of 'eddie & co'. After the birth of my beautiful son Eddie I entered a whole new world of shopping- baby clothing! I started looking for items that would be safe for my son and gently on his skin as well as good quality to last the never-endinda amount of washing!!!

I instantly fell in love in organic cotton clothing, the softness of them and the amazing quality I knew instantly I wanted to stock this type of clothing in 'eddie & co'. I begun researching Australian brands- I love that on this adventure I also get to support home grown businesses. 

I have had to begin slowly despite the numerous ideas I've got in waiting in my trusty notebook I soon realised that  initial start up costs for a business can be quite costly, I have started stocking 000, 00 and 0. As things progress I will stock up to size 2 and have more amazing Australian brands to add to our range. As well as an 'eddie & co' label that is in the works!

And who knows one day you may be walking down the street and you will look up and see a shop front with a turquoise dreamcatcher and the name 'eddie & co' in lights!!

This is more of a 'who I am' than a blog but in future blogs I'll delve into my life as a mum and business owner and all the little things in between!

With love,





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